Athaliah Driven from the Temple

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Artist: Antoine Coypel
Artwork: Athaliah Driven from the Temple
Description: This painting depicts the moment when Athaliah, the wicked queen of Judah, is driven from the temple by Jehoiada the high priest. Athaliah had usurped the throne after murdering her son, Ahaziah, and all of his heirs. She had also introduced the worship of Baal into Judah. Jehoiada, who had hidden Joash, the infant son of Ahaziah, from Athaliah’s murderous rampage, anointed Joash as king and led a revolt against Athaliah. Athaliah was killed in the revolt, and Joash became king.
Url: Louvre/AntoineCoypelAthaliaDrivenfromtheTemple.avif

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